"Taj City Compound" is one of the latest projects of Madinet Nasr for "Real Estate Development" The company is also "Nasr City" one of the leading companies in the field of "real estate" development The company also has a strong business precedent, which increased confidence between it and the customers, and provided the company’s experience in how to satisfy customers, and this is what the company provided in *Taj City* Compound.

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You can now book a distinctive residential unit within the Taj City compound with a down payment of only 5% and repayment periods of up to 9 years.

Master Plan


A mixed-use Development Project on 4.2 million sqm of land in the Eastern Suburbs of Cairo. Located just a few minutes from Heliopolis and Nasr City, directly on Suez road and Ring road and in front of Cairo Airport. Taj City is a residential development well situated between Old and New Cairo. The master plan proposed a street shopping, lifestyle, cultural living, parkland concept themed around old and new combined.